Touch Up Your Home's Concrete in Flint, MI

Touch Up Your Home's Concrete in Flint, MI

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Don't replace your damaged concrete with more of the same. Upgrade your driveway, patio, pool surround and sidewalk by working with an experienced concrete contractor in Flint, MI. By choosing a concrete paver design, you can instantly improve the appearance of any space.

An experienced contractor from Revolutionary Concrete, LLC can help you decide what type of concrete paver you want. Call 810-691-6887 now to discuss your options.

Where can you use concrete pavers?

Revolutionary Concrete can install concrete anywhere on your property. Turn to us for a professional...

  • Patio installation: Spend your free time lounging on a faux tile patio.
  • Driveway installation: Boost your curb appeal with a cobblestone driveway.
  • Garage floor installation: Make your garage more attractive with a slate tile look-alike.
  • Pool deck installation: Surround your pool with the look of warm brick.

We can also handle concrete step replacements.

Set up your own patio installation by calling our Flint, MI office today.